NRV (Non-Return Valves)

Cast Iron Dual Plate Wafer Type Check Valve, PN 16

Product Description

  • Design standard API 594.
  • Wafer Type Design, to take lesser space than the conventional Check Valve.
  • Being light in weight, is more rigid than the standard Swing Type Check Valve, which needs expensive foundation and special supports.
  • Being cylindrical body, stresses are uniformly distributed.
  • Much longer seat life because of Bronze / S.S to Rubber contact.
  • Less wear and tear of seat surfaces.
  • End connections are designed to suit flanges drilled to ANSI B Class-125 / ASME B Class-150.
  • Water hammering effect is minimized in this design, since the closing of valve does not depend upon any back pressure or flow.
  • Each plate being half of the size of the swing check valve disc, provides straight flow path offering minimal resistance because of the spring’s assistance as closing of the valve initiates as soon as flow velocity dips below the designated minimum velocity.